Hiking vs Trekking. Is there a difference?

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Hiking vs Trekking. Is there a difference?

What is hiking?

The best way to explain hiking is an adventurous walk on a beaten path. Normally, there isn’t too much planning or organization involved for a hike, due to the well-worn trails that are traversed. On average, hikes are a day trip but, in some cases, can last multiple days. Usually hikes are taken in a natural area such as forests, along a river or creek, a prairie or even up to the top of a mountain. Recommend footwear for hiking is that normally of a light and low-top shoe. Supplies for a hike generally are limited to a few snacks, hydration, and some type of cover in case of a sudden weather change.

What is trekking?

In contrast to hiking, trekking is walking in more of a rugged and less worn area and done over a long duration. Due to being done over a number of days and covering more of a distance, trekking involves a higher level of fitness, supplies, organization & planning, better footwear, a trekking pole, emergency first aid supplies, camping supplies and more food and hydration. Having a GPS to help map out your path is also a good idea, unless you’re good at reading a map and compass, because getting lost is more likely. Having a good and rugged pair of actual trekking boots is vital to ensuring your trekking adventure is kept pleasurable, because the last thing you want is blistered feet.


Which is best?

Honestly, both are fun and a great way of spending time with friends or by yourself to collect your thoughts and become one with nature. However, before you choose which adventure you’re wanting to do, you need to ask yourself two specific questions: How fit am I? How much time do I have? Either way, it’s a great reason for getting out of the house and into nature. Get outside and EYO!




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